Plympton Academy boys take up netball

Boys from Year 8 at Plympton Academy have formed their own netball team.

Inspired by the Netball World Cup 2019 which is being held in Liverpool, the boys have been learning the sport, and have now challenged the girls’ team to a match.

They have completed a ten week netball semester in PE and have developed their passion, skill and understanding for the game. They are now training with the 50 strong girls’ squad every Thursday.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm and their skill,” said Plympton Academy PE teacher Kirsty Luke. “It has been beneficial to both teams and their progress; the boys’ tactical awareness and fast decision making has tested the girls at times. The girls’ full understanding for the rules and positions has challenged the boys and the end result.

Both teams are learning a lot from each other and I can see positive improvements in all, by asking the boys to join our netball training sessions.”

Marley Bavistock, Year 8 netball player said; "I have really enjoyed learning netball in PE and I can't wait to beat the girls! I thought netball was boring but it's not."

His fellow team member, Benjamin Trigger agrees. "I love shooting in netball as you can get really involved. The rules of netball are actually tricky but that is what makes it so much fun!"

Training is now in full progress for the girls versus boys netball match before Christmas.

“Our Year 8 and Year 9 girls’ teams won their leagues last season so the boys will have their work cut out,” said Kirsty Luke. “It should make for an interesting match.”