New Student Council at Plympton Academy

A new Student Council at Plympton Academy will ensure pupils voices are heard throughout the school.

The Council is run and led by two senior head students from the sixth form as well as the head boy and head girl from year 11.

The students have been working hard to re-brand and re-design the Student Council. They have pitched their ideas to the Senior Leadership Team and all staff at the school. They are also speaking at school assemblies to promote the new Student Council and recruit members.

The overall vision is to have 12 members on the Council with 29 tutor captains. All members will have an active role to create, design, deliver and lead student voice, student mentoring, Student Council forums/meetings and over 20 student lunch time clubs, activities and safe spaces.

“Student voice is pivotal when making decisions that have a direct
impact on our students, so we wanted a strong Student Council that
could lead, inspire and speak up for all,” said Kirsty Luke, Head of
Year 7 at Plympton Academy.

“At Plympton Academy we believe in ensuring our curriculum offer, student opportunities and experiences are varied, personalised and are pupil centred, so it made sense to re-brand and re-invent our Student Council. They are demonstrating outstanding leadership and life skills and I am blown away by their maturity, dedication and pride they have for their academy and community.”

Senior head student Jake Allin said; "I joined the student council because I wanted to help the school improve the way it takes on board the student's opinions. To me the student council represents the opportunity for students to get their opinions across on an equal platform."

Fellow senior head student, Caliph Ali said he joined and helped create the current version of the student council in hopes that future generations will be an active part of the school and wider community.

"I wanted to create an environment in which all students felt comfortable and heard, where they could request help from their peers and feel comfort with their fellow students. We made reforms to the current administration in order to make a more structured and effective organisation and I hope to see others a part of it. It's an opportunity for us to do more than what we are required, to help our fellow students and support the school, and by extension the entire country."

Principal of Plympton Academy, Lisa Boorman, said; “I am very proud of our new Student Council. It is so important that all our students feel they can be an active part of their school and that their ideas and opinions are listened to.”