Plymouth students called to enter global competition

New research is shining a light on the changing face of graduate jobs, revealing that 41% of students studying in the South West leave their studies wanting a purpose-led career that lets them give something back to the world. The job market is also looking more competitive, with 74% of students in the South West believing that they’ll face more competition than their parents’ generation when it comes to getting graduate jobs.

The research, which was commissioned by Shell Ideas360, a programme fostering innovation, spoke to more than 1,100 UK university students. The results for students in the South West showed that nearly a third (30%) of them want their chosen job to support sustainability, creativity (33%) and innovation (34%).

Yet despite these positive expectations, students are feeling the pressure from the other side of the interview table too. Over a third (35%) believe employers now demand strong digital capabilities, including skills in coding, app development and software programming. A quarter (26%) expect to have to demonstrate a global mindset – a sharp contrast to the expectations placed on their parents’ generation.

Commenting on the findings, Jeroen de Weerd, Vice President of Recruitment at Shell, says: “This research shows that having a good CV is just the beginning for today’s graduates. Students set to enter the jobs market in 2018 and beyond have clearly defined expectations of their own careers. However, they are also aware of the need to display a more diverse skillset than any other generation in history.”

One way for students to rise to this challenge and compete in the modern job market is by taking part in global programmes like Shell Ideas360. It invites them to think about ideas to help solve the world’s future water, food and energy supply issues. Crucially, the programme is designed to help participants acquire real-world skills that can help them succeed in their current studies, thrive in interviews and build the future career they want.

Daniel Lee, a former Shell Ideas360 participant and current Shell employee, says: “Shell Ideas360 was a lifechanging journey – it opened my eyes to the urgency and complexity of the energy challenge, and challenged me to think creatively, critically, and with a global mindset. Give this programme a go, it’s an experience that will enable you to find your ‘why’ and a meaningful job that fits your sense of purpose.”

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