Plympton Academy student wins award for being a good citizen

A Plympton Academy student is the first young person to win a new
award created by the Plympton Stannator.
To mark the centenary of the end of World War I, the Plympton
Stannator, Natalie Harrison, decided to create an annual award, The
Citizenship award, to recognise students who support others and are
active citizens.

The Stannator then asked staff at Plympton Academy to nominate
students who had made a significant impact as young citizens and
offered a trophy to recognise that achievement.

Charlotte North, aged 15, was chosen by the school as she had been
nominated by the most staff. “I was very surprised but also very proud
to have received this trophy,” said Charlotte.
The trophy will now be presented to Plympton students for many years to come.
“This award was made possible through the Plympton Community Council
and we hope it may help the children, who are our future, to never
forget this important time in our history,” said Natalie Harrison. “I
was delighted to be able to present the award to a student as
deserving as Charlotte.”
Academy Principal Ms Lisa Boorman said: “We were pleased to be asked
to offer this trophy to one of our students and very proud of
Charlotte for winning it; she is a credit to the Academy, her family
and, most importantly, herself.”