Using mobile phone biggest turn-off at Plymouth dinner tables, survey reveals

Technology at the table seems to be a growing annoyance for many, with 37 per cent of those polled in Plymouth also saying taking photos of food is rude.

But people in the area are becoming more relaxed about traditional table etiquette, with just 8 per cent saying not finishing everything on your plate is a no-no, and 9 per cent disapproving of using the wrong cutlery or using it in the wrong way.

The poll marks the launch of Plan International UK’s new fundraising event, Do Good Dinner. The event encourages people to host a dinner for friends and family, and ask guests to make a donation. The money raised will go towards helping some of the world’s poorest children - particularly girls - by providing vital resources like education and clean water, and campaigning to change harmful traditional practices including child marriage.

The charity’s survey also found that dinner parties are becoming a more relaxed affair:

  • 18 per cent of people in Plymouth host formal dinner parties at least once a month
  • But that rises to 28 per cent who have friends and family over for relaxed dinners once a month or more
  • And 20 per cent have a takeaway with their loved ones at least once a month

Danielle Atkinson, Head of Individual Giving at Plan International UK, said: “These results reveal our changing attitudes towards dinner parties. People don’t necessarily want a formal atmosphere anymore, and many things that were once considered as faux-pas are now completely acceptable.

“But what we do still want is to spend precious time with friends and family, without the distractions that technology can bring.

“Do Good Dinner is all about bringing people together to share great food and company, however and whenever that suits them best. Whether it’s a formal three-course meal or a relaxed get-together, we know each and every Do Good Dinner will be so good, because the money raised will make such a difference to children and their communities.”

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