Over £30,000 raised by police force to benefit charities

Over the last three years, officers and staff across Devon & Cornwall Police have participated in and organised fundraising activities which have benefitted both local and national charities.

The funds, now totalling over £30,000, were raised in a wide variety of ways, from the purchase of epaulettes, to charity bake sales and even a ‘guess the weight of the ferret’ competition. This is, of course, only part of the charitable endeavours of colleagues who both on and off duty raise huge sums for local and national charities.

Over 2017, the Force raised around £8000, which has been divided equally between the charities chosen this year: Rowcroft Hospice, Cornwall Birth and Baby Appeal and the South West Police Heritage Trust.

The charities were chosen for the work they do in the local communities, as well as the South West Police Heritage Trust chosen to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Devon & Cornwall Police as a Force.

The presentation of the cheques (pictured below), took place on Wednesday 20 December, was attended by representatives of the charities, the Chief Constable, as well as members of the volunteer committee and individuals involved with fundraising events.

During the presentation, Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer acknowledged the excellent work of the charities chosen this year, especially as a number of officers and staff have personally experienced the support these charities have given to them. Mr Sawyer also expressed his thanks to volunteers, from across the Force area, for their dedication in raising money for a good cause.

“The Chief’s Charities are a creation of the Force and the people within it,” said Mr Shaun Sawyer, “as without those individuals who have volunteered their time, outside of their day to day work, as part of the committee or to run fundraising activities, we could not have achieved the amazing success we have over the past three years. These charities provide excellent care to our communities and I hope this donation from our Force will support the work they do.”

With the support of staff, without whom this could not be achieved, Devon & Cornwall Police intend to continue to raise money for charities across the Force area.