Have you seen Exeter's Blind Spot?

WESC Foundation (WESC) launches The ‘Exeter’s Blind Spot’ campaign.

Since the charity’s rebrand many people know WESC as the blind school and not by their official name, WESC Foundation. This campaign is aiming to increase awareness and strengthen the association between WESC and the ‘blind school’ that it is so often referred as.

WESC wants to encourage the general public to get involved with the charity’s work and to promote the range of services they offer to visually impaired young people.

By launching this campaign WESC invites you to sign up to their newsletter, get involved in fundraising activities, including the Big Quiz and the show-stopping Fashion Show, and to pay a visit to your nearest WESC Foundation Social Enterprise Charity Shop. WESC has so many opportunities for the public to get involved in, with activities ranging from Rock Solid to the annual charity Golf Day, and even working for the charity if you are looking for a caring environment supporting visually impaired young people.

WESC prides itself on its specialist provision delivered by experienced professionals who work collaboratively to provide education, health, care, therapy and mobility for young people and adults with visual impairment, including complex needs, in their transition through school, college and beyond.

Founded in 1838, WESC is situated on 14 acres of land on Topsham Road, Exeter, with 200 members of staff and over 80 learners. Dedicated to sharing knowledge, expertise and technologies through effective partnerships and transforming the lives of those affected by sight loss, WESC is one of the leading centres for young people with visual impairment.

WESC would like to thank AB Design for all of their help with creating and filming the Exeter’s Blind Spot video. Please watch, like and share the video, and help to spread the word about WESC and the services they provide. http://bit.ly/ExetersBlindSpot

WESC is Exeter’s Blind Spot… you can change that!

To find out more about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved with WESC, please contact:
kgaulton@wescfoundation.ac.uk/ mgarrett@wescfoundation.ac.uk