Grand support for wildlife consrvation

A charity committed to wildlife conservation has been given a funding boost by a leading regional builder.
The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust applied for £1,000 from Persimmon Homes’ Community Champions scheme to support its projects which include a breeding scheme for agoutis at Newquay Zoo.
John Meak, curator of the agoutis, said: “Wildlife conservation is a global concern as species and their habitats face an increasing number of threats, many of which are caused by human activities.
“The WWCT co-ordinates seven regional conservation programmes in the UK and overseas, all of which are funded by our zoos and in many cases, supported by zoo and trust staff.
“We have a breeding programme for the agoutis here at Newquay and we think our four females are pregnant. The generous donation will allow us to make sure there is a warm nursery for the mothers and the babies when the time comes for the babies to be born.”
Daniel Heathcote, director in charge of Persimmon Homes Cornwall, said: “We’re so pleased to support the science and educational programmes promoted by the conservation trust, and are especially pleased to be able to help with the project at Newquay Zoo. Their support is making a huge difference to ecology and wildlife globally.
“This is exactly what our Community Champions scheme is all about, supporting good causes to make a positive change. We are pleased that we have been able to offer our support.
“We always receive so many applications for our Community Champions initiative. I really encourage any charities and groups looking for funding to apply to the scheme for their chance to receive up to £1000 match-funding for their own cause.”
Persimmon Homes Cornwall has two awards of up to £1,000 each to give away every month as part of the Community Champions scheme. The sums are mirrored by each of the company’s 29 other regions – meaning up to £60,000 is given away every month. 
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