How offline tools help you with marketing?

The popular notion is that digital marketing is the only way to get customers these days. This article is here to smash that myth and proves it wrong in 5 different ways. Offline marketing should be an obvious choice for your business if you have a loyal customer base and Helloprint UK has some offline marketing materials you can choose from.

The digital age certainly has the upper hand in terms of reach but offline methods are more personal and help you build a closer relationship with your customers.

Imagine receiving a newsletter in your email and compare that to a local entrepreneur who meets you in person, talks to you ask about your day and then hands out a pamphlet or sticker of their industry. The latter obviously seems more personal and welcoming.

Most businesses perceive offline marketing tools like sticker as something that devalues their brand, which is not the case. Let´s have a closer look at stickers for example. Stickers are cost effective, easily distributable, and eye-catching (with the right design). They work great as handouts and are considered a top priority giveaway material in local events.

Here is a list of some other advantages of sticker marketing that might surprise you:

  • Stickers have that throwback element to them that prevents it from getting old. No matter the age, these sticky runts will always be in demand, and with a good, enough design will attract the attention of potential buyers.
  • Stickers are also a great a way to promote yourself via word of mouth. online ad campaigns are good, but if you’re tight on budget, stickers are a great alternative.
  • Always remember that when designing your stickers, make sure to have a design that grabs the eye. Though it’s a very small object, it can have an everlasting impression on people. Remember fidget spinners?
  • The moment you hand a sticker out to a person, they become a marketing vehicle for your brand. People frequently use products and accessories of the brand they like in every aspect of their lives.

A pamphlet or an ad is a great way to spread the word, but a sticker is even better. Given that you provide a distinguished service or products, giving out stickers is a great way to promote your brand.

As your customers go through their daily activities, they will do so with the sticker. Maybe they have stuck it at the back of their laptop or their backpacks. Instant marketing and innumerable impressions at no added cost.

  • The gift factor is what enabled the idea to survive this long. Stickers appear like less of a campaign and more like an actual gift. When you hand these out in local events, not only are you inviting in potential customers, but they also feel welcomed and glad at receiving this little token.
  • Stickers also help boost your other marketing campaigns as well. For instance, you may give out limited edition stickers to your customers on your social media platforms, if they answer a simple question or buy something. It’s also a great way to engage with your existing customers and all potential ones as well.

Offline marketing tools are still very useful in today´s online world!