Big Changes Are Coming to the South: What It Means for Your Business

Despite the market uncertainties and the ongoing Brexit negotiations, more investors are supporting UK businesses across the country. More importantly, investors are beginning to move further south, looking at businesses in the midlands and moving further down the island. The investments made so far are substantial as well.

The increasing number of investors who are investing their funds in businesses across the UK is a shift towards the right direction. There have been many big changes in the past few months alone and they could have big impacts to your business in Plymouth.

Plymouth’s Top 10 Are Getting Stronger

You only need to look at the top 10 businesses in Plymouth to see just how strong the wave of new business investment and big changes are affecting the market. Burt’s Potato Chips, a Plymouth snack company, recently closed a £10 million deal to buy a popcorn factory, signalling the company’s seriousness in catering to more customers.

The company also acquired a factory in Leicester factory to expand production. The firm recently completed a £3 million investment programme, and the new £10 million investment is the next step it is taking to strengthen its position on the market.

There is also Catered Limited, a company that provides lunch boxes and pre-cooked meals to schools and other clients. Since the beginning, the company is focusing on schools in Plymouth and the children studying there. This is actually a co-operative trading company owned by the Plymouth City Council and schools involved in the setup of the catering service.

Catered Limited banked a lot of profits last quarter, and it is investing those profits back into local communities and the growth of the company. This move is one that many other businesses in the area now copy; more Plymouth-based businesses are giving back to the community around them and contributing to more changes on the market.

We really cannot talk about big changes happening on the market without talking about Midas Group. As the leading construction company, Midas now employs more than 100 people in Plymouth alone. The company is actively investing in new projects, including the developments of several residential and commercial areas.

Big Investments Coming In

The big investments don’t just happen because large companies are looking for new ways to expand. There are also investments made to secure the future of companies and their positions on the market. A recent transfer of ownership of Weightru Ltd by MWS Ltd is a step towards the right direction. Based on this news, you can see that Weightru will be doing even better under the new ownership.

MWS is moving Weightru’s operations to the Leicestershire facility owned by the company. The facility allows Weightru to perform better in terms of manufacturing. It will also benefit from a more capable testing facility and better workflows in general.

The purchase of Weightru is a sign of more investments to come. Many UK-based companies are maximising the opportunities provided by the changing market to expand to new areas, including to cities in the south. Expect to see more news like this here on Plymouth Daily as we monitor the investments made in the area further.

A Market for Your Business

The booming market isn’t something you want to miss as a business owner. There are more opportunities to grab in today’s market, including opportunities to expand your own business and cater to more customers. Now is the perfect time to explore those opportunities and find ways to increase your operating revenue by a substantial margin.

There are other changes that can really affect your business in more ways than one. Digital marketing, for instance, enables even home-based businesses to reach customers across the country. Digital marketing certainly levels the playing field and allows smaller entities to compete with the big boys.

At the same time, there are more IT-based solutions to help optimise existing workflows in your business. The use of these solutions brings features like better management, business in the cloud, and automation of certain tasks to more businesses in the south. To boost your level of efficiency, all you need to do is find the right solution to use and make the necessary adjustments.

The rapid growth in customers is both an opportunity and a challenge. There are certainly more customers to win, but that also means you have to ramp up production and increase your business’s ability to process orders in a timely manner. This means looking into better shipping and distribution services and optimising your manufacturing line.

More Challenges Still

These are great things that are now happening on the market. More businesses are expanding their operations either by investing themselves or by relying on big inventors coming to the south. The market maybe booming, but it is not all good for businesses.

The uncertainties still leave a lot of risks to mitigate. When evaluating potential investments to make, you need to be extra certain that all risks are managed properly. The last thing you want is to make a big step, only to find that it isn’t the right step to take for your business due to more market changes.

Customers are also more sensitive to changes and their journey. Customer experience has always been an important factor to focus on, but it is more important than ever with the market being as competitive as it is today.

And then there is the competition. Remember that everyone is making big changes to fully capitalise on the rapid market growth. There are new businesses competing for the same market segments and new – often improved – products to capture the attention of potential customers.

These challenges are the ones you need to tackle. The only way you can really capitalise on the market is by directing resources towards solving the challenges you face. Things such as boosting efficiency, expanding operations, and increasing capacity to handle customer orders will be even more rewarding for the business when the challenges are well-managed from the start. Your business can be the next one in Plymouth to receive a big push and investment.