Being A Freelancer: How to Make it Work With A Family

There are many pros and cons to freelancing with a family. While it can provide you with a greater work-life balance, there might be times when you will need to focus your full attention on a project, or talk to a client in a silent space on the telephone. Unfortunately, this can be more than a little bit challenging when raising children. If you want to find the perfect balance, read the following top tips on how to make freelancing work with a family.

Commit to a Regular Schedule

A regular working schedule will allow you to switch from parent mode to work mode. For example, you could work from 9am until 5pm, so you’ll have time to take your kids to school each day, and can spend quality time with them during the evening. Treat your freelance career as a full-time job, and inform your children not to disturb you unless necessary, so you can focus on completing a freelance project on schedule and to a high standard. If they become restless, promise them you’ll join in on a specific activity once you’re done.

Add a Little Distance Between Work and Home

While a home office can put a little distance between you and a chaotic household, it can be a challenge, as you might be distracted by the sound of crying children or constant interruptions from the kids. It might, therefore, be beneficial to find a space to work outside of the home. For example, you can find the right office at, such as a hot desk or private office. By putting distance between you and your family, you can make the most out of your working hours, free from distractions.

Simplify Household Chores

While you might be your own boss, you will still need to commit a considerable amount to juggling deadlines, completing projects and communicating with clients. It can, therefore, be difficult to run a busy household at the same time. For this reason, you must look for different ways to simplify household chores. For example, you could book a home delivery for groceries, so you will not need to go shopping for nappies, milk or the children’s school lunches. You could even sign up to subscription boxes such as Hello Fresh, where they send you the ingredients for certain meals.

Set a Monthly Quota

Taking on too much work will cause you to spend long days or nights in your office, which can take time away from your family. To avoid a spiraling workload, you should set a monthly quota, so you will have a manageable workload that fits around your family. To do this, identify how much money you will need to make, and the right level of projects you can accept each month. Not only will this provide you with more quality time with your children, but it will also ensure you are not rushing to meet a deadline, so that you can maintain client satisfaction.

Be Honest with Your Clients About Your Family

It’s essential to be honest with your clients that you have small children at home, but confirm you would not allow being a parent to stand in the way of your quality of work. This will ensure clients will understand if you unexpectedly need to pick up your children from school, or need to attend a medical appointment with your kids, as they might also be parents, too. Remember, clients don’t necessarily need to know what you’re doing eight hours per day, so focus solely on exceptional output. Usually, clients only require you to make the allotted hours, regardless of how the hours are made up.