Moortec's expansion continues with new UK headquarters at PSP

Moortec, specialists in the design of in-chip monitors, has based its new UK headquarters at Plymouth Science Park.

The move will see the creation of several new jobs at the site, building on the existing team of experienced designers and engineers.

Moortec’s move confirms PSP as the largest science and technology centre in the south west.

The company provides monitors and sensors that are found within today’s cutting-edge silicon chips, helping to increase their reliability and performance.

Moortec’s design work can be found in range of applications ranging from consumer electronics like mobile phones and tablets to high performance computing and more recently automotive applications.

Moortec’s sensors have in-built features which are measured in tens of nanometres (a nanometre is one-billionth of a metre). To put this into perspective, a human hair is between 80,000 to 100,000 nanometres wide.

Monitoring the conditions within microchips has become essential in the modern digital industry. The main challenges, faced by many different industries across the globe, can range from performance (for power or speed) through to the reliability of the device.

Moortec's products successfully overcome these issues and allow circuit designers to produce a higher quality more efficient end product.

"The four-story office and lab complex provides more space for our growing team and will allow us to build on our position as the only dedicated provider of embedded in-chip monitoring solutions as well as supporting our continued product development and projected growth,” says Ramsay Allen, VP of Marketing at Moortec.

“We decided to stay within the Science Park due to its excellent facilities and strong on-site science based community”

"The rapid growth of Moortec in the last two years has meant that we are now operating on a truly global scale with clients in America, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Israel."

Last year Moortec secured investment from Altitude Partners, the regional private equity fund. Altitude's investment has assisted the business in developing and strengthening both its engineering and sales team and adding new silicon proven designs to their IP portfolio.

Plymouth Science Park’s reputation as a centre of excellence for science and technology continues to grow rapidly as it attracts international and national interest.

The excellent on-site facilities have assisted Moortec in their growth by providing a wide range of amenities – from ultra-fast broadband, VoIP telephony, 24/7 access and security, conference and meeting rooms as well as the Bistro and parking.