Skydivers wanted for 10,000ft tandem skydive

Local heart charity HeartSWell South West is looking for people to take to the sky and jump 10,000ft from a plane to raise money for heart patients and lifesaving equipment in the Westcountry.

The 10,000ft tandem skydive can be completed  in several different locations across the UK, the nearest centre being the Honiton Dropzone in Devon.

HeartSWell  ask the skydiver participant  to raise £395 in sponsorship money in order for them to jump for free and in turn the charity will receive an average donation of £140. In addition to this, every extra pound that is raised by the skydiver over the minimum amount, goes directly  to the charity.

The skydiving day can be booked at any time of the year, weather dependent, and will include the jump and training at the skydive centre. During the skydive the participant will be harnessed to an instructor at all times.

The diver will freefall down to 5000ft at 120mph and be taught how to steer the canopy. On completion of the skydive, the participant will receive a certificate to prove their participation and completion of the 2 mile high tandem skydive.

Clem Spencer, Chairman of HeartSWell, said; “This is such an exciting way to raise money for HeartSWell. We hope that members of the public who have always wanted to take part in a skydive but have never had the courage or feared such a jump will be persuaded to take part!

“So, for all you dare devils out there, or if you just want to try something new and thrilling, sign up today to take to the sky and raise money for your local heart charity, HeartSWell!”

Donations in the past to HeartSWell have enabled the charity to provide specialist equipment to the Cardiac Unit at Derriford Hospital, as well as the Royal Duchy Hospital, RD&E Hospital, golf clubs, sports venues, a GP surgery and various other locations around the region.

HeartSWell is hoping that the public will help them to raise money through a skydive so that they are able to continue providing a handful of specialist equipment and facilities for heart patients.

Other ways in which the public can raise money for HeartSWell include; climbing Ben Nevis, joining the HeartSWell 100 cycling event or experiencing a trip of a lifetime with trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro.

To sign up and take part in the 10,000ft tandem skydive, or for more information about other ways in which to raise money for HeartSWell, visit;