6 of the weirdest ways people have died

It’s no secret that all of us are going to die at some point. Certain people will die from a long illness, while someone can be perfectly healthy and still die from some other cause. Today, we decided to present you with 6 weirdest ways people have died.

1 - Exploding Bubblegum

Vladimir Likhonos, a 25-year-old chemistry student enjoyed chewing bubblegum a lot; however, he didn’t always like the taste of it. In order to give it a more bitter taste, he started dipping his bubblegum into the citric acid. One day he dipped it in gunpowder by accident, and blew off his entire jaw. Sadly, paramedics were not able to save him. #2 - Planking

2 - Planking

You might remember this fun and unusual Internet trend called planking from a few years back. A 20-year-old Australian called Acton Beale (pictured in the circle above) wanted to join the craze and try to plank the 7th floor balcony railing. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell to his death.

3 - Water Intoxication

As you might know, our bodies consist of about 60% water; however, this doesn’t mean we should drink enormous amounts of water or any other liquid. A 28-year-old woman Jennifer Strange signed up for a contest held by a radio station by the name of “hold your peer for the Wii.” She wanted to win the Nintendo Wii gaming console for her kids. The contest required that you drink water without going to the bathroom for as long as possible. Jennifer was trying to win and went a little too far, which led to her dying from water intoxication.

4 - Soup Injection

In 2012, a 88-year-old woman from Brazil was hospitalized and one of the nurses injected soup into her vain, instead of her feeding tube. Since the autopsy showed that this was the most likely cause of her death, her family decided to sue the hospital.

5 - Choking on a Cockroach

You might have heard of Fear Factor, a reality show where people compete in different stunts and dares for big prizes. Edward Archbold was one of the contestants on the show who decided to eat dozens of cockroaches. After winning the competition, he collapsed and began vomiting. Soon after he died, and the autopsy reported that cockroach parts were blocking his airway.

6 - Carrot Juice Overdose

One of the most popular ways to lose weight at the moment are juice cleanses. However, some people fail to understand that, as with most things, moderation is the key. Basil Brown, a 48-year-old English man, decided to go on a carrot juice diet. In 10 days he ended up drinking about 10 gallons of carrot juice. This amount of carrots contained 10,000 times the recommended amount of Vitamin A. His liver couldn’t cope with it, which led to his death.

Courtesy of  www.uncoverdiscover.com