10 everyday products that can save your life

When considering the various things that can save a life, most may not think to turn to their kitchen, purse, or pocket. However, it’s very likely that everyone carries at least one life-saving product on a regular basis without even knowing it.

Who knew items like dental floss, bin bags, and credit cards could save lives – read on to find out how.

1 - Glasses

Survival is one situation where being called “four eyes” may come in handy. Glasses can be used to start a fire and create distress signals. To start a fire, begin by collecting tinder, like lint or Spanish moss, and angle the lens (which should be glass and convex, not plastic) so that the sun hits one spot. Hold until it starts to smolder then begin blowing on it to start the fire. Alternatively, angle the lens against the sun to create a distress signal and allow others to find you.

2 - Rubbish Bags

Sometimes the simplest things can offer the most protection. Rubbish bags can be used as an extra layer of protection to prevent hypothermia. They can also be used as a rain coat or to protect other important things – a backpack, for example – from getting wet. Additionally, trash bags can be turned into a sling or torn into strips to create an emergency tourniquet.

3 - Hand Sanitizer

As anyone who has ever used hand sanitizer with a cut on their hand, hand sanitizer often contains alcohol – which happens to be highly flammable. While hand sanitizer cannot start fire on its own it can make starting a fire much, much easier. Start with some tinder (lint from your sock, perhaps) and kindling, add a tiny dab of hand sanitizer to the tinder, and set it on fire – with a match or perhaps using other everyday products, like glasses or a compact mirror.

4 - Soda

This is one case where drinking soda may not be so bad for your health – in fact, it could save your life. An unopened can of soda can be shaken up and then thrown in an attacker’s face as a distraction to buy some extra time. An empty soda can also has several uses. Running out of water is no joke and a soda can make a great container for collecting and holding water. The tab can also be pulled off and turned into a makeshift fishing hook.

5 - Dental Floss

That dental floss that you only pretend to use could end up doing so much more than keep your teeth clean. Surprisingly, it’s strong enough to hold branches together in a makeshift shelter or hang a few things from a tree. It can also be used as line for fishing – between a soda tab and dental floss, catching a fish for dinner may be a realistic feat.

6 - Baking Soda

For fires when water is too precious to waste, baking soda should be the first thing you grab. Though it may not do much when dealing with a massive fire, baking soda quickly extinguishes flames and is a great alternative to using water, which can often be too important to use on fire anyway. Just keep the baking soda dry prior to use – wet baking soda won’t be much help.

7 - Vinegar

Vinegar is yet another kitchen staple with multiple uses. While it may burn a bit, using it on a cut or other injury will keep infection away. It can also be used to masks odors – both those you do not want to smell and those you don’t want other people to smell.
Additionally, it can be used to kill parasites in meat – either by marinating the meat prior to cooking or ingesting after eating the meat.

8 - Condoms

Obvious uses aside, condoms can be invaluable for survival. They easily hold up to a gallon of water which is more than enough for an entire day. They can also be used to protect other things, like matches or walkie-talkies from getting wet. Plus, as seen in movies, they can be placed over the muzzle of a gun to stop debris from entering and clogging the barrel.

9 - Plastic Wrap

Though it may seem too simple to be true, plastic wrap is used by professionals in treating burns. It won’t melt, it sticks only to itself, and contains no harmful chemicals, making it effective in treating thermal burns until emergency help arrives. It works so well, in fact, that most ambulances keep a roll on hand. Simply wrap it around the burn, securing it either to itself or applying a bandage of some sort on top.

10 - Credit Cards

Stung by a bee? Don’t pick up the tweezers. Attempting to pull out the stinger with tweezers can actually release more venom into your blood stream which can be deadly for those with allergies. The best way to remove a bee sting is to drag a credit card across the sting, removing the entire stinger. Getting emergency medical attention is still a must for those who are allergic but, in a pinch, that pesky credit card in your pocket may help save a life.

Courtesy of www.uncoverdiscover.com